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Mount Baker Intro 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent 3 day ascent

Our Mount Baker ascent and introduction to mountaineering school provides the opportunity to learn the fundamental climbing skills needed to climb the mountain successfully with a guide. The course is designed for beginner climbers.

Mount Baker 2 day ascent 2 day ascent 2 day ascent 2 day ascent 2 day ascent 2 day ascent 2 day ascent

As the most heavily glaciated peak of the Cascade volcanoes. At 10,781 feet, it is the third-highest mountain in Washington State and the fifth-highest in the Cascade Range. NW Alpine Guides offers both two and three day ascents of Mount Baker.

Mount Shuksan 3 day ascent 3 day ascent

This crown jewel of the North Cascades is one of the most beautiful mountains in America, and our guided climbs of Mount Shuksan are unforgettable. NW Alpine Guides offers two routes on Mount Shuksan. Sulfide Glacier and Fisher Chimneys

Glacier Mountaineering 5 day course 5 day course 5 day course 5 day course 5 day course

Learn how to mountain climb on glaciated peaks!  Northwest Alpine Guides offers four and five day alpine mountaineering courses in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our glacier mountaineering course allows more time to develop advanced mountaineering skills.

Alpine Ice Climbing Crevasse Rescue

Come discover the thrill of ice climbing on Mount Baker. NW Alpine Guides ice climbing and crevasse rescue school covers the basic fundamentals needed to travel safely on glaciated mountains. The 2-day course is designed for climbers seeking to gain independence.

Sahale Peak 3 day ascent

Sahale Peak stands at the head of Cascade Pass and the impressive Stehekin Valley. The climb is situated among other classic peaks such as Forbidden Peak and Boston Peak. NW Alpine Guides offers two routes on Sahale Peak. Sahale Arm and Quien Sabe Glacier

Eldorado Peak

Eldorado Peak is considered the “Queen of the Cascade River“. The peak is perched at the edge of the largest contiguous ice-sheet in the lower 48 states known as the Klawatti-Inspiration-McAlister icecap.

Mount Rainier 3 day ascent (Full)

As the most prominent mountain in the contiguous United States, Mount Rainier with its 26 major glaciers provides an excellent climbing experience situated within a pristine wilderness environment. NW Alpine Guides offers a three day fundraiser ascent of Mount Rainier.

Forbidden Peak

Forbidden Peak is the jewel of Boston Basin. This classic alpine glacier and rock climb represents the next challenge for those interested in more advanced terrain. NW Alpine Guides offers three routes to Forbidden’s rocky summit, the West Ridge being the most popular climb.

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NW Alpine Guides is a mountain guide service based near Seattle, Washington. We specialize in alpine climbing, mountaineering schools, and backcountry skiing in the Pacific Northwest. Our parent company, Mountain Gurus, operates international expeditions and trekking adventures around the world.